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So long as we have breath, leadership skills are necessary to build the lives we want to live.
There is no better investment than growth in leadership skills, which are not given, they are earned.
Be The Leader. 
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You can be the leader. It doesn't take doing more, it takes doing leadership. By joining our newsletter, you will find ways to create breakthroughs in your leadership, and those around you.

A Leadership Academy

For the individuals of the world, who need the best leadership skills to accomplish valuable life affirming missions, Sanctuary Leadership is the world’s only Leadership Academy, that provides a pure education on leadership that is taught through practical skills of taking responsibility for the existence of oneself and others.

Unlike other educational experiences, Sanctuary Leadership is the only school that teaches leadership first and then all other skills second.
(Don't sit like this dad unless you want to create aggression)

Want To Actually Motivate Your Children To Choose Success?

Whether you have a rocky relationship with your children, you have an ex-spouse who is getting in the way, or you just want to make a deeper connection there is a way to make breakthroughs.

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The Foundations Book That Started The School. Get Your Copy For FREE.

Mike lays out, in plain english the foundations, strategies and tactics you need to develop leadership, in any context whether that is interpersonal, at home, in a workplace, or on a battlefield.

Stop leading unconsciously. Study and apply the fundamentals of leadership now in everything you do. Every person operates on influence, therefore every human action involves leadership.


Is this preparing for military leadership?

Sanctuary Leadership teaches leadership fundamentals that can and should be applied in every course in life. Leadership skills taught here, can be applied to "civilian" or "military" life. These are the basic skills required to be a leader.

Although, lessons and experience learned at Sanctuary Leadership would be invaluable to a person who is about to join the military, where leadership is taught but secondary to their primary activities.
Should I Learn These Skills, Or Just My Children?
Leadership always starts with the parents. 

If Sanctuary Leadership and parents work together it provides a multi-dimensional leadership environment to inspire and transform the thinking of children.

It is highly recommend that both parents and children engage with Sanctuary Leadership. Materials for parents will be shorter in duration, faster paced, and easier to consume across many preferred mediums.
Are The Trainings In Person Or Online?
Currently, all trainings are online, over the phone, or via digital calls.

Soon, Sanctuary Leadership will have a physical location that will offer in-person experiences.
Does Sanctuary Leadership support or fight against X, Y or Z political cause?
Neither. Sanctuary Leadership is explicitly an a-political organization that has no political stance. The members of the organization may feel compelled to take a stance politically, and our students may have private political affiliations, desires and ambitions, but our organization only exists for the purpose of teaching a pure education on leadership that can be used in any capacity as needed by its students. 


Sanctuary Leadership came about from the long contemplations by its founder, Mike Cornwell in the winter of 2020. At this time, he was holed up in a cabin in Pennsylvania writing a book with only a wood stove to provide heat throughout the winter.  

Through the process of writing his leadership book named "Influence and Leadership" that draws on his experiences in Afghanistan while serving in the United States Marine Corps, running a fruit tree nursery in Louisiana, leading several music bands, and leading numerous top secret initiatives in the government, Mike discovered something profound, yet undiscovered by most.

Everyday, humans across the world are engaged in leadership and influence activities, yet they are completely unaware. Everytime they try to get their families to meet for Thanksgiving, or start an initiative at work, or get others to pick up trash in their neighborhood, what they are trying to do is called "leadership." 

What would the world be like, if instead of bumbling around in the dark, they knew what the skills were and applied them as they ought to.

Thus Sanctuary Leadership was born.

Reader, if you have made it thus far, you must know this. Every time that you engage with other people (and animals!) you are now in the realm of leadership and influence. Whether it is getting them to take out the trash, accept your ideas, or listen to your problems you are participating in a grand game of leadership. What you do, or what you don't do, will determine the outcome of the interaction. If you can accept this to be true, and see it with your own eyes, you have the ability to shape destiny itself. 

Don't just be, or accept fate.

Be the leader.

Mike Cornwell
Be The Leader. 
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You can be the leader. It doesn't take doing more, it takes doing leadership. By joining our newsletter, you will find ways to create breakthroughs in your leadership, and those around you.

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